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Dr. Chandrakant Bhapkar is a Classical Homoeopath with innovative and modern approach. They has been Devoted thier life to the field of Homoeopathy. Dr. Bhapkar had Completed his Bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery in Nashik University in 2006 from Vamanrao Ithape Homoeopathic Medical College, Sangamner, Ahmednagar and CCH, CGO, CVD, CSD, ND, DIET AND NUTRITION from (PUNE),M.D (A.M). He is a direct student of Dr. Prasad Rasal (MD(homoeopathy) sangamner. They started observing patients during first year of thier homoeopathy Study. During thier college study they were very fond of classical homoeopathic philosophy and its concept of healing. They got inspired from classical Homoeopathic philosophy and decided to start homoeopathic practice after completion of thier homoeopathic Graduation and they Started practicing since 2007 in Mumbai.

A poor socio economical person believes that we owe to lend something to our society from which we are come from. They has habit of doing things practically which they read in the books and listens in the seminars. Thier successful case of Lac Caprinum (homoeopathic medicine prepared from got milk) gave them more confidence to treat people (by sensation method of Dr. Rajan Sankaran). They had attended many seminars, Homoeopathic camps for poor villager with the help of thier teacher Dr. Prasad Rasal. Presently practicing Homeopathy since 10-12 years and serving thier patients a complete good and sound health. Since then they cures many cases of Diabetes, Hypertension, Skin problems (Leucoderma, viligo, eczemas, psoriasis, warts, corns), renal calculi, renal failure, prostate swelling, infertility and Hair fall....Many more. They has been treating many cases from India and other country. They had arranged many free medical checkup camp in Mumbai for poor socio-economical patients. They are Member of national journal of homoeopathy & posted many articles in monthly issues and also member of homoeopathy world community. They has a goal to promote homoeopathy to the poor village people who cannot afford the expensive line of treatment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Recently their fellow patients name them "SURGEON OF HOMOEOPATHY" because they got outstanding results in Renal and gall stone also for many surgery cases they cured with homoeopathy and saved patients organs. 


Dr. Leena Bhapkar BHMS, M.D.(A.M.), Diploma in V.L.C.C., Diploma in YOGA Sci. (Clinical Nutritionist, Dip. In Clinical Research) is a dynamic homoeopath, graduated from LOKMANYA Medical College Chinchwad, Pune. She is practicing since 2008 in Pune. She is involved in homoeopathy from first year of her college; Dr. Leena and Dr. Chandrakant form a dedicated team who has speculated into visualizing and enforce homoeopathy to the people.

They are devoted to homoeopathy in the areas of practice, Cure and research. They have been working on several Homoeopathic camps. They are working with a sole aim to bring homoeopathy close to the mainstream medicine and people. Dr. Bhapkar couple has been working hard to make homoeopathy locally and socially and Globally available. Dr Leena is a companion with Dr.Chandrakant in the lifelong journey of bringing the best of homoeopathy to humanity. Her hard work, professional commitment, sincerity and dedication arise from absolute desire to help patients; which in turn, arise from the spiritual bend applied in life. Now she is practicing classical homoeopathy in Pune as well as in Mumbai with vitality homoeopathy. 


Winner of Yuva foundation award 2019, Pune.

The award has it all.The award Nomination is for the work they have been doing since last 14-15 year for homoeopathic medical field which is inspiring for Youth and society. The award that they have achieved for research and work in homoeopathy field specially for Gall stone and kidney stone patients in all over Maharashtra and India and world wide.